Athletics at pg电子app送体验金

Leadership, Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle

At pg电子app送体验金, physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are lifelong values that go hand-in-hand. We are focused on developing and maintaining the balance that will enhance personal health and well being for years to come. 

In addition to the physical benefits that result from regular activity, involvement in athletics teaches students the importance of commitment, cooperation, time management, leadership and the skills needed to work with others towards a common goal. Participating in athletics helps to enrich a student’s experience at the School and develop a sense of belonging.

pg电子app送体验金 students enjoy access to four immaculately groomed outdoor playing fields and a 15,000 square foot Athletics and Health Centre, featuring a double gymnasium, a combatives room, a full fitness centre, and four change rooms with shower facilities. 

With both varsity teams and athletic clubs, there is something for everyone.

pg电子app送体验金 Athletic Therapy

The School is very fortunate to have an on-campus Athletic Therapy Clinic, where students are able to access pre-competition taping and on-site care for all sport-related injuries. A certified athletic therapist is on campus, daily, and for all pg电子app送体验金 home athletic competitions. In addition, the School offers baseline cognitive testing for all students in Grades 5 – 12, and utilizes an innovative program, ImPACT, to assist in the management of head injuries.

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