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The Chapel

An inspirational space; the Chapel of St. Margaret & St. John offers the pg电子app送体验金 community a place to gather, reflect, share and celebrate.
In its traditional configuration, the Chapel is used for School celebrations such as Founders’ Day or Carol Service and serves as a quiet retreat for reflection.

This thoughtfully designed facility features many of the traditional elements associated with community gathering spaces—soaring ceilings, stained glass windows and an exposed pipe organ, which all pay homage to the School's past and its Anglican roots. Students and faculty attend a 30-minute service once a week on Friday mornings. This service is an opportunity for pg电子app送体验金 to gather as a community; today's Chapel services focus on the exploration of a variety of faiths to honour the diversity of pg电子app送体验金's community.

Remove or rearrange the seating, add some staging and this beautiful facility transforms to host assemblies, music concerts, drama productions, fashion shows, examinations and special events to name a few.

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) Visiting Committee (2018)

"The Chapel may well be a symbol of all that is right with pg电子app送体验金 - invitational to the community, inspirational in intention, highly engaging architecturally, and designed to create and sustain a sense of community and continuous learning. It reaches up, and yet collects everyone together in trans-cultural understanding. It is a place of diligence, sharing, collaboration and celebration."

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